Life in London

Living in London is about more than just attending classes. It's about embracing the city's vibrant culture, its eclectic mix of people, and its boundless opportunities for exploration and discovery. Whether you're wandering along the River Thames, attending a workshop in a local gallery, or simply sipping a coffee in one of the many artisan cafes, there's always something to inspire and ignite your creativity.

Living in London

London, with its rich history and dynamic present, offers an unparalleled experience for our arts and design students. From world-class museums to local art scenes, from historic landmarks to modern architectural wonders, living and studying in SE1 4LG places you at the heart of it all. Embrace the adventure, and let London be your muse!

Welcome to the bustling heart of London! As an arts and design student studying at our London campus located in SE1 4LG, you're perfectly positioned to immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of culture, history, and creativity that this iconic city has to offer. London is not just a city; it's an experience, especially for those with an artistic soul.

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Our campus in SE1 4LG is strategically located amidst some of London's most iconic attractions and hidden gems. Here's a glimpse of what's around:

The Tate Modern

Just a few minutes away, this former power station turned modern art museum is a mecca for contemporary art enthusiasts. With its ever-changing exhibitions and iconic turbine hall installations, it's a source of endless inspiration.

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