Our London Borough Campus

Welcome to Victoria College of Arts and Design London Borough Campus - a dynamic hub of learning located in the bustling centre of London Borough. Our institution offers a unique blend of contemporary refinement and lively student life, providing a holistic approach to academic excellence. We believe that education is a lifelong journey that requires a nurturing environment, constantly evolving to meet the unique needs and talents of each student. In our continuously evolving environment, we encourage you to explore, create and develop your skills, in a contemporary and forward-thinking setting that reflects the spirit of the district.


Our Location

Come and explore our dynamic London Borough campus, where you can immerse yourself in exciting learning opportunities. Our campus is equipped with modern facilities that make studying a breeze. Imagine high-tech classrooms that boost your learning experience, providing you with the necessary tools to excel in your chosen field. However, our campus is much more than just classrooms - it's a cozy community where you can team up with fellow students and exchange ideas in comfortable study spots

Our Address

56 Tabard St, Southwark, London, SE1 4LG